November 2017 Community Update


-        The construction bid solicitation, selection and Recreation and Park Commission approval process is complete.

-        The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (SFRPD) project team is working with the construction company on the construction schedule.  We will provide you with the projected start and end dates as soon as SFRPD has confirmation.

-        For ongoing construction progress, please directly contact SFRPD Project Manager, Anne Baskerville at: or check the project webpage at:


As discussed in our last Friends of Alta Plaza Park (FOAPP) update, the scope of the project has been reduced due to an abundance of construction projects within the City and, as a result, a high demand for labor and increased building costs.  The project team at SFRPD has located some supplemental funds.  Additionally, Supervisor Mark Farrell was successful in securing an additional $300,000 during the most recent City budget process.  We are extremely grateful for his continued commitment to the park. 

The project scope is as follows:

-        Irrigation system upgrade and sod replacement.

-        French drain installation at various water seepage areas along the perimeter sidewalk.

-        New pathway at Scott St./Washington St. entrance that runs east up the hill and heads right at the fork, turns right at the playground, then runs along the west side of the playground to connect with the new donor recognition site.

-        Donor recognition site (recognizing past and present community member contributions) with curved bench. 

-        New benches (number to be determined).


Please bear in mind the reduced nature of this project and be aware of the following:

-        The entire north side will be excavated to replace the antiquated irrigation system and new sod will be planted.   Some of the existing plants and shrubs will have to be removed and there is no funding for replacements now.  The beds will be filled with mulch.

-        The north side park closure will concentrate dog activity on the south side.  The designated off leash area will remain the same.

-         It is expected that the installation of French drains will eradicate much of the chronic water seepage at various locations around the perimeter of the park.

We appreciate your ongoing patience with this project.  Please contact FOAPP at: with questions and concerns or SFRPD project manager, Anne Baskerville at: