Alta Plaza lays claim to a unique role in San Francisco ‘s history. It operated as a rock quarry until 1877 when the City purchased the 12-acre parcel for park development. However, thirty years elapsed before its transformation into the incomparable terraced plaza of today. Conceived and executed by John McLaren, designer of Golden Gate Park, its elevated design reveals sweeping views of San Francisco.

Friends of Alta Plaza Park

Friends of Alta Plaza Park is a community-centered organization dedicated to keeping our park beautiful, safe, and accessible.  We are an inclusive group that welcomes all members of the community who wish to support the goal of making Alta Plaza Park the best it can be -- clean, with well-maintained landscaping, facilities in good repair, and features that appeal to a wide range of community members. We depend on your support and involvement to ensure that Alta Plaza Park -- a gem of a park in a spectacular location -- is well tended and that it adapts to the needs of our community over time.

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