Community Update - October 22, 2015

Dear Alta Plaza Park Community,

This is a progress update on the Master Plan and the North Side Water Conservation Project, including pathways and drainage:

Master Plan

The Historical Resources Evaluation (HRE) is in progress, requiring only minor revisions to the Master Plan. The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review is expected to be completed in Spring 2016.   The Master Plan is now tentatively scheduled to be presented to the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (SFRPD) Commission around the same time period.  

North Side Water Conservation Project, Pathways and French Drains

 In anticipation of an approved master plan, the preparation of the construction documents will begin this month.  The scope of the project includes replacing the north side irrigation, installing French drains, and landscaping the north side and the several entrances to the park.  Selected pathways will also be repaved utilizing the City add-back funds that were directed to the park.

Friends of Alta Plaza Park (FOAPP) had requested that the south side French drains be separated from the North Side Project and be installed this Fall.  However, the cost of installing the south side drains independently of the North Side Water Conservation Project came in much higher than estimated as a result of a bid process conducted by SFRPD.  FOAPP and SFRPD mutually decided that the south side drains should be incorporated back into the North Side Water Conservation Project to regain the cost efficiencies associated with a larger project.

The pathway estimates have come in much higher than expected as well.  As a result, we have selected pathways on the north side to be renovated first to maximize the cost efficiencies associated with a larger project and to minimize disruption to park access among users.   SFRPD will increase the scope of pathways to be renovated if competitive bids come in lower than budgeted.

Timing for the project is on schedule.  Construction is to begin mid-2016 and to be completed early 2017.

Community Opportunity Fund Grant – Park Lighting

The final application for park lighting for the north side was submitted to SFRPD.   The awards are to be announced in November.  Thanks to all of you who provided letters of support that were included in the application. 

Playground Donor Recognition Site

Plans for a donor recognition site commemorating the contributions made by individuals for the playground renovation have long been delayed due to various circumstances. We are moving forward with this component, and it will be completed in conjunction with the North Side Project.  The site location is near the playground at the southwest corner.  Miller Company has presented a design which is under review.  Construction will be funded using monies set aside from donors' contributions to the playground fundraising campaign. 


FOAPP met with Supervisor Mark Farrell in September.  Jeffrey Miller of Miller Company presented the Master Plan and FOAPP made a request for additional funding.  No new funds for renovating the park are available at this time.  We have asked the Supervisor to keep our needs high among his priorities and he assured us of his ongoing support.

Community Fundraising Campaign

FOAPP will be actively working with San Francisco Parks Alliance and SFRPD to design and implement a Capital Campaign.  The first step is to form a steering committee.  We need your help to stage and execute a successful campaign.  Please contact us if you have experience in this area and can help us achieve this incredibly worthwhile goal for our community.  Write us at this email address:  We look forward to hearing from you.  

Pacific Heights Residents Association Meeting - October 22, 2015

FOAPP and Jeffrey Miller will be attending the PHRA meeting where the Master Plan will be available for viewing.  Please drop by to see what our community collaboration has achieved.  

We look forward to your continued involvement and support for this exciting project.

Janet Gamble and Anita Denz

Friends of Alta Plaza Park