Outdoor Public Warning System

Did you know that among the tall trees on the west side of the park is one of San Francisco’s 114 Outdoor Warning System sirens?

Every Tuesday at noon, San Francisco tests the Outdoor Warning System. During the test the siren emits a 15 second alert tone. In an actual emergency, the siren tone will cycle repeatedly for 5 minutes and you should go indoors and immediately tune to a news source such as KCBS 740 AM, or other local media stations.

You can help improve the Outdoor Public Warning System by reporting your siren performance here. Information is compiled from these reports to assist with the sound modeling.

In a major disaster it might be 3 days before vital services are restored. When you hear the Tuesday Noon Siren, it's your weekly reminder to make an emergency plan, build an emergency supply kit and be prepared to be self sufficient for 72 hours. Go to sf72.org to learn more.