Park Plantings & Maintenance Update

Park Plantings: We're very pleased to report that some funds remain from the Friends of Alta Plaza Park $30,000 donation for northside post-construction plantings, so the southside will be receiving some enhancements as well. 

Sadly, we've already observed the theft of two shrubs from the Jackson/Pierce entry.  If you observe such an act, please report it to the SFPD non-emergency phone number: 415-553-0123 or San Francisco Park Rangers: 415-242 6390.  And let's all allow these new plants to thrive by keeping people and pets out of the beds. 

Maintenance: With heavy rains behind us and spring in full bloom, the SFRPD mowing crew has resumed its regular Alta Plaza Park Schedule. 

Northside Schedule -- Every other Monday

Southside Schedule - The robotic Spider Mower will be utilized on the steep slopes every Friday and alternate Mondays.  Ride-on mowers cover the more level tops and bottoms of the sloped tiers on the alternate Mondays.