Since our last update to the community in March, Friends of Alta Plaza Park (FOAPP) continues to make progress on the repair and renovation of the park.  Our Landscape and Maintenance Committee has met with Supervisor Mark Farrell and Legislative Aide Catherine Stefani.  It has also met with Phil Ginsburg, SFRPD General Manager and many other members of SFRPD staff.  We continue to advocate for short and long term strategic planning, funding and commitment to Alta Plaza Park.

The following describes where we stand to date on various components.  Once again we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone on the Committee whose input has been invaluable.  We also thank the Supervisor and his staff, General Manager Ginsburg and the many individuals at SFRPD who are helping us work through this process.  Many thanks go out to Jeffrey Miller and his terrific team at Miller Company, Landscape Architects as well.  

As always, we appreciate any and all input from the park community.  We can be contacted at  Please visit the website at for more information.



The Master Plan document is in its final stage of completion with Miller Company.  City Planning is finalizing the Historic Resources Evaluation (HRE) working with SFRPD and Jeffrey Miller.  

As of this writing, the plan is tentatively scheduled to be presented to the SFRPD Commission for approval in August 2015.  The schedule is dependent upon timely completion of the HRE.  Construction on the SFRPD/PUC North Side Water Conservation project is scheduled to begin in 2016 and conclude early 2017.


We have firmly established the priorities for the park’s restoration and repairs. They are:  drainage, no-mow grass remediation and pathways.  We will continue to move forward with the funded portion of the project (Supervisor Farrell’s add-back and the SFRPD/PUC North Side Water Conservation bond/grant) using these priorities as guidelines.


The French drains for the south side perimeter (funded by Supervisor Farrell’s add-back) are in the construction bidding phase.  The planned installation date is Fall 2015.

The north side French drains will be installed in conjunction with the SFRPD/PUC North Side Water Conservation project. 


Following our meeting with General Manager Ginsburg and Supervisor Farrell, members of the Landscape and Maintenance committee toured the south side of the park with Marvin Yee, SFRPD Project Manager, and Zack Taylor, SFRPD Park Services Manager, to evaluate how much of the no-mow grass needs to be replaced.  The results of this site visit indicated that three quarters of the grass is beyond repair.  The remaining quarter would require large scale herbicide application with instructional signage posted for park users, dead weed removal, timely sod replacement (or ground cover) and irrigation adjustments where there is significant browning.  

We have requested that all of the no-mow grass be replaced and that funding for the replanting should be the responsibility of SFRPD and should not be underwritten by the add-back funds that were specifically directed to drainage, pathways and furnishings.

As of July 2, 2015, we were informed that SFRPD will provide $100,000 to replace one terrace of no-mow grass at the off leash dog area.   Timing for the installation has not been determined.   

FOAPP will continue to work with SFRPD to identify funding opportunities within the Department and City for replacement of the remainder of the no-mow grass.


Of the $1,343,000 total amount of add-back funds, $299,172 was allocated to the French drains.  We believe that directing the remainder of the funds, $1,043,828, to new pathways would be appropriate and beneficial at this stage of the project.  As these funds are not sufficient to replace all the pathways, we are working with SFRPD and Miller Company to estimate costs and select pathways that would be appropriate for replacement at this time based on practicality and aesthetics. The construction timing will coordinate with that of the SFRPD/PUC North Side Water Conservation project.

FOAPP will continue to work with SFRPD and Supervisor Farrell to obtain additional funds for the rest of the pathways.


Zack Taylor has acquired new windscreens for the tennis courts.  They are scheduled to be installed later this month.


Zack Taylor has confirmed that the broken piece of playground equipment was ordered, has arrived and will be installed in September.


The draft Community Opportunity Fund grant application for park lighting was submitted to SFRPD in April.  FOAPP met with SFRPD in June to review the application and receive feedback.  The final application is due in August.  We anticipate hearing back in October or November as to whether or not we have been awarded the grant.   If we receive the funds, installation of the lights would coincide with the construction work on the SFRPD/PUC North Side Water Conservation project.


Per our discussion with General Manager Ginsburg, SFRPD needs to quantify exactly how much water is flowing out of the park before a capture/reuse feasibility study might be implemented.  After the installation of the French drains this Fall, SFRPD can measure the volume of run-off water.  FOAPP will continue working with the Department to evaluate the concept of capturing and reusing the water.

J. CLEAN-UP DAY – JUNE 13, 2015

Along with members of the November Project, members of the Fernando Fitness Kickboxing Team joined our faithful regulars for June’s Clean-Up Day event…over 30 strong!  We so appreciate the dedication of these groups and our neighbors.  Thanks again to the SFRPD gardening staff for their time and effort to make these events so successful.   The next Clean-Up Day is September, 13, 10:00 AM, at the Children’s Playground.  If you would like to receive notices of volunteer work days, please email


Submitted by:

Janet Gamble and Anita Denz

Friends of Alta Plaza Park