Happy New Year to all our Park Enthusiasts!

Because of your valued contributions to Alta Plaza Park's renovation project, would you please take the time to respond to this very brief survey concerning the TWO PLAZA OPTIONS for the Alta Plaza Park Master Plan?  Your input will allow Friends of Alta Plaza Park and Miller Company, Landscape Architects, to move forward with Master Plan development.


Throughout this master planning process, we have presented two options for a proposed plaza at the top of the grand staircase at Clay and Pierce Streets.  As stated in our December 12 e-mail update, based on the input we received at the three community meetings, your completed comment sheets and  e-mails , we were confident that the consensus was to take a minimalist approach (Option A below) and NOT to relocate the multi-use court to create a large scale plaza (Option B below).

In an effort to confirm that we accurately gauged community reaction to these two choices, could you take a moment to tell us which option you prefer.  For your reference, the renderings presented at the community meetings for each plaza design are attached.  Please e-mail us your choice by January 23, 2015 by replying to this message at our new address:


A brief description of each plaza option and their respective design, engineering and construction costs for implementation are outlined below.  Please note:  1) Costs  associated with the Phase One North Side portion of the plan are not included in the estimates as the City has allocated funds to cover this phase.  2)  Estimated costs for the cistern system (Water Recapture and Reuse System) have been eliminated as there is substantially more work to be done to determine the feasibility of this concept.

Option A

  • Minimalist approach
  • Multi-use court is left in place
  • Playground fence is moved back
  • Open plaza area to have new landscaping and seating

Estimated cost of total project:  $7,056,000


    Option B

  • Relocate multi-use court to east side terrace above Steiner Street
  • Reconfigure one of the two remaining courts to be multi-use
  • Create a large scale plaza with tables and seating, new landscaping and plinth (architectural feature)

    Estimated cost of total project:  $8,117,000


When all survey responses received by January 23 have been tabulated, we will inform you of the results and provide an update on our activities.  Further, we will solicit your support in establishing three initial committees to help Friends of Alta Plaza Park ensure the successful realization of the Master Plan:   Park Maintenance Committee; Capital Campaign Committee; and Water Recapture and Reuse Committee.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you very much for your participation in this important survey.  Stay tuned!

Best regards,

Janet Gamble and Anita Denz
Friends of Alta Plaza Park