Report on the September 13 Community Meeting

The turnout for the September 13 Community Meeting was awesome!  More people than at any previous Community Meeting showed up to hear about our success in winning a $1,343,000 allocation from the 2015-16 city budget and to get a glimpse into the future of the park.  Thanks to donations from Starbucks Coffee and La Boulange pastries, people in attendance maintained the strength to contribute ideas and suggestions throughout the two-hour-long meeting.

What happened at the meeting? 

We had loud applause when we noted our $1,343,000 allocation; we briefly reviewed the timeline of the past year; we got some updates on the progress (or lack thereof) on solutions for drainage and weed-control problems; and, most important, we saw visuals of and discussed at length Miller Landscape Architects' proposals for the Master Plan for the park.  Sparks flew at certain points, but, overall, the democratic process prevailed and people spoke their minds in a civilized manner, congratulating the Miller team on presenting some interesting and, in some cases, truly beautiful concepts.

What happens now?

Jeffrey Miller, leading his enthusiastic, creative, energetic team, goes back to work on the Master Plan and incorporates the input from the meeting.  More work gets done on figuring out the best solutions to the drainage and weed-control problems.  Some cost-estimating begins.  At the next Community Meeting, the Miller team will present a revised Master Plan and a report on the progress made in addressing park infrastructure problems.

How do you find out more, going forward?

Keep checking this site!  And plan to attend Alta Plaza Park events.