Update and Good News!

Marvin Yee, Project Manager, SF Rec and Park Department, has just provided an update on various issues related to Alta Plaza Park -- weed control, repaving of some pathways, investigation of water seepage, etc.  It also includes much good news about the prospects for repairing and improving our beautiful Alta Plaza Park in an efficient, cost-effective manner by integrating the tasks involved in the mandated water conservation project with a master plan to be developed under the auspices of Friends of Alta Plaza Park (FOAPP).

As Mr. Yee notes, FOAPP is currently evaluating the proposals of several landscape architects and will soon choose one of them  to begin work on a master plan for the park.  During the summer and fall, as the plan evolves, we will ask the community to attend meetings to evaluate, comment on, and provide input.  Please check the "Events" section of this website for the dates of the meetings, which will be posted as soon as they have been determined.

Here's Mr. Yee's memo:

The Recreation and Park Dept. (RPD) would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on the status of improvements for Alta Plaza Park:

o  Soil prep work is planned for portions of the south side where extensive weed eradication was recently done. This will occur within the next month after which new no-mow sod will be laid.

o  Supervisor Farrell's FY14-15 budget request to repave the Scott St. entrance and to address the water seepage onto the sidewalk has made it into the City's budget recommendation. It is now awaiting the Mayor's signature.

o  The Friends of Alta Plaza Park (FOAPP) is shortlisting prospective landscape architects to interview. The selected landscape architect will develop a master plan through a public process for Alta Plaza Park. The planning process is anticipated to begin in the summer and conclude in the fall, then followed by a capital fund-raising campaign.  This is an exciting opportunity to share your vision for Alta Plaza Park! Please stay tuned for future announcements.

o  To coordinate with the development of this master plan, the City and FOAPP have agreed to reconvene in July/August after public master plan meetings are held to consider modifications to the water conservation project. Meanwhile exploratory work to improve park drainage and address the perimeter water seepage continues, including (a) a video taping of drain lines throughout the park revealing that much of the drain lines are intact; (b) on-going percolation testing along the park perimeter; and (c) a request for cost proposals to remove sidewalk pavers at two locations to investigate possible natural springs beyond park boundaries: 1) Clay/Steiner Streets, and 2) Scott/Washington Streets. This work may begin as early as the end of June.

The Recreation and Park Department appreciates your patience and understanding. Feel free to contact Marvin Yee, Project Manager, at Marvin.Yee@sfgov.org for more information.