Report on the November 22 Community Meeting

Our last meeting on November 22 was well attended, and the presentation generated considerable constructive feedback now incorporated in the latest Master Plan iteration.

Jeffrey Miller and his team presented a revised Master Plan, a project phasing scheme and preliminary budget, which can be viewed at The plan addresses ongoing drainage issues, landscaping, refurbishments, renovations and facilities enhancements.

We are now progressing to final preparations and budgets.  Based on the input received, we have elected a minimal design concept. The tennis court atop the Clay Street grand staircase will not be relocated to the Steiner Street side.  While this concept was viewed by many as a better utilization of space, both the estimated cost and potential noise impact for Steiner Street residents were viewed as major obstacles.

The minimal design approach still incorporates a plaza between the children's playground and the multi-purpose sports court with seating and enhanced landscaping.  The result will be a much more pleasing location to gather and enjoy the City's southern panorama.

Overall, park entrance designs received wide approval from participants, albeit with the majority preferring a minimal approach for the Jackson/Pierce entrance. The new design proposed for the Steiner/Washington entrance drew mixed responses, both for aesthetics and cost.  Consequently, the current configuration will be retained with only necessary upgrades and renovations consistent with those designated for all other entrances.

Estimated costs were broken down into three Phases:  Phase One covers the north side; Phase Two, the south; and Phase Three was to have been the tennis court relocation and a new Steiner/Washington entrance, both now eliminated.

Phase One encompasses the north side Water Conservation/Irrigation Renovation Project managed by SFRPD/PUC as authorized by the 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.  It is estimated that this funding, when combined with City budget earmarks secured by Supervisor Mark Farrell, will underwrite French drain installation along the entire park perimeter, and cover renovated pathways, new benches and trash receptacles.

Public/Private Funding
The Friends will submit an application for a Community Opportunity Fund grant this spring and continue to pursue all potential funding opportunities.  In the event that funds for Master Plan Phases Two are not secured, we will develop a capital campaign to meet the shortfall.

Time Line - Phase I North Side
Environmental evaluation - January 2015
Presentation to the Recreation and Parks Commission - March 2015
Phase One construction drawings and contract bids - Fall/Winter 2015
Construction commences - Early 2016

Water Recapture
The cistern irrigation system is still strongly supported by the community. Interaction with the City to assess its feasibility and funding continues and will not delay Phase One north side irrigation remediation scheduled for 2016.

The issue of park maintenance is a major concern for all park users.  Miller Company and the Friends group have met with the head of SFRPD Operations and park staff to review the proposed landscaping plan.  Meetings will be ongoing throughout the entire life of the project and beyond.

key take-away from discussions with SFRPD Operations is that the City's entire park system relies heavily on a coordinated, consistent and committed volunteer effort.  The Friends will meet with SFRPD this week to help identify prospective corporate groups willing and able to make this level of commitment.

Community Support
Please do continue to provide your comments, concerns, questions, recommendations and, we hope, encouragement.  Along with valued input, we seek your participation in the process.  Should you have time to help the Friends of Alta Plaza Park continue this mission, your assistance will be most appreciated.  We may be reached at and look forward to hearing from you.